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Donna Noma


I’ve always had a passion for visually beautiful design. It’s a passion that evolved from print through to website development where I create websites that are clean, compelling and easy-to-navigate.

You can also find me at Seneca College teaching HTML, CSS, WordPress, Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.

Email 647-833-2755

How Donna the Designer became Donna the Coder

Donna the Designer is a product of Scarberia (Scarborough, Ontario). From my quiet, suburban neighbourhood, I ventured to downtown Toronto to attend the Ontario College of Art and Design (now OCADU), where my doodles and drawings transformed into designs complete with colour and graphics.

Retail advertising is where I landed right out of school – from old-school layout artist, to Art Director, to Creative Director, to the freedom of freelancing. Gave full-time Art Director one more try, but became intrigued by how design works in the online world, so challenged a resistant brain into learning code.

Donna the Coder was born! I wanted to build well-structured websites, so I took the Webmaster course at Seneca College. Learned HTML and CSS – no problem. Surprised myself by learning JavaScript . . . and got hooked on coding.

I’ll talk code with whoever will listen. I’ve turned into a Code Nerd, which my clients think is terrific. My friends? Not nearly as much!

Let’s talk about your website, and I promise not to bore you with too much ‘code’ talk – at least I’ll try!